Worlds First Ionised Vacuum Cleaner

"No more smelly dustbags or air"

Geomed and ProAqua brings you the highest standard in cleaning of carpet, upholstery, window and any type of hard flooring, wet or dry. The ProAqua cleaning system is bagless and uses a water filtration system to give a allergen free highly ionised output. The average output is 6 million IONS cm³. This destroys bacteria, Mould and fungus.

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"Do You Know What Your Sleeping"

Dust Mites: A disgusting well known Health Hazard

DUST MITES are found everywhere, traces have even been found in the MIR space station. Every mattress can carry up to 2 Million dust mites per square meter after a few years. Dust mites feed off the skin we shed while sleeping. They also can carry a large number of dangerous bacteria. Enzymes in the dust mites and their faeces can cause asthma, many other allergies and skin conditions by breaking down the skin's protective layers.

"A clean mattress For a Healthier Refreshing Sleep"

Accessories for ProAqua

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